Monday, August 16, 2010

Ack, another backlog!

I really am pretty terrible with this blog (I usually update over at my Livejournal a lot more!), but I'm going to try and toss things up here at least every month.


I also recently started a Flickr set devoted to fanart dedicated to Frank Herbert's Dune series, which is viewable over here. I also did a guest spot over at the awfully awesome Picture Book Report blog, covering Brave New World!

And then some original things:

... and some video game things! Dragon Age: Origins & Red Dead Redemption.


  1. Haaha, the mythological cat fight is amazing.

  2. i love your stuff! i'm actually starting to read dune right now!

  3. Your stuff is SO great, I almost hate you for it! Really, really terrific.

  4. I love Red Dead! Your rendition is awesome. :)

  5. I absolutely love your DAO piece! Your Dalish is adorable, and your Alistair is just perfect.

  6. I've not played DAO yet, but that piece feels amazing. I love your color palettes and your line work is...well, just trust me when I say that I just want to flatter you. Your work has always been top notch, and as a new follower, I eagerly await anything you can give us with open arms.