Thursday, March 31, 2011

A fan art interlude:

Just a bit of an update to make up for the lack of 'em -- I've actually been really busy working on a lot of things that aren't fit to post quite yet, or are for client eyes only (for now!). In the meanwhile I have been doing a fair bit of fan art to decompress, so that continues below, first with a little bit of Dragon Age: Origins & Dragon Age 2:

And a catch-all for several other things I'm a fan of -- a pin-up of Alexandra from the comic series Dungeon (Donjon), my last Brave New World piece for Picture Book Report, two characters from Jess Fink's Chester 5000 (NSFW), and a moment between my Commander Shepard & Tali from Mass Effect 2.


  1. They all look amazing!
    I should also note that my Commander Shepherd had NO TIME FOR LOVE... Just time for feeding fish.

  2. beautiful work as always! Love your style :)

  3. I just finished DA2, and Isabela/hawke is the greatest ship. I was secretly hoping you'd draw it, and wasn't disappointed! ha!
    I know you've probably been asked this a bunch, but what do you use to ink your drawings? I've been looking around for a reliable method with a good amount of control.

  4. @R. Lemker: Happy to know I'm not alone in liking the two of 'em! :) And as for inking, all of these were done in Photoshop, most with a brush I found here:

    Beyond that, it's just a matter of playing about with settings in Photoshop 'til you find something that suits you. Hope that helps!

  5. HI! I can't begin to sum up and tell you HOW MUCH I LOVE ALL THE WORK! It is so amazing and very very inspiring :D And the colors look gorgeous!

  6. I've been visiting your blog and been looking at older posts...and I stumbled on this post and the drawing about isabel and george got my attention...and the link to where they originally came from...

    thank you. thank you for this wonderful thing. hahaha. i really love your fanart of them too. <3