Saturday, April 9, 2011


Just a small update full of satyrs (in various states of nsfw). Click below to make any of the images larger, as is the general way of things!

I also wanted to mention a coupla things: one, for folks in the Portland area, Vera Brosgol is going to have a table (with the v. excellent Jen Wang) at the Stumptown Comics Fest, and -- amongst other cool stuff -- is going to be selling postcards sets of our selected Draw This Dress posts. They are worth it for Vera's stuff alone, because egads, she's been slaying me over there.

Two, I wanted to say congratulations to the folks over at The Anthology Project for their Best Anthology Eisner nomination for Vol 1! I was lucky enough to be involved in Vol 2, which is lookin' gorgeous, and is set to come out later this month. Previews of my story and others can be found over here!

More stuff comin' soon! Back to work for me.


  1. Great sketches! Love the dresses blog by the way!

  2. Always lovely to see something from you here in Blogger-land!

  3. Love the Satyrs. You really don't see enough female satyrs these days! Also, thanks for mentioning the Anthology Project. I wasn't aware of it, but after a short amount of time on the site I bought Vol. 1 and pre-ordered 2.

  4. How do I sign up to follow? :) You have great work.

  5. Very nice, Love your art. I'm glad I found your blog Emily and those Satyrs look awesome.