Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dream Journal, March 30th

Another dream journal, this one from this past March -- despite actually being shocked awake and writing (nigh illegible!) notes immediately, I wasn't really able to do this one in a way that I was happyish with until now. If nothing else, this was a good challenge to myself to boot me into gear for working on my own comics again -- which is hopefully going to be a hoot!

Also, I wanted to use this time to point out that my site is actually functioning now! Yeah, I barely believe it myself. I wanted to give a giant thank you to Sarah Becan, who was absolutely lovely and patient with me (and Sarah does some pretty adorable comics, so I highly recommend checkin' her out!). That means all my comics can now be found in one place, so please do take a gander if you're so inclined.

And also, I wanted to thank everyone who said hullo at TCAF! I had a really great time there, and it was really cool to meet everyone. I can honestly say everybody I met was really friendly and easy to talk to, and I wanted to thank you guys for making my first comics fest experience such a positive one (and the volunteers too, holy cats, you were great!).

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hey, folks! Heads up to anyone who's in the area -- the Toronto Comic Arts Festival is this weekend, May 7th & 8th, at the Toronto Reference Library! More information up at the very lovely official site, including a schedule of panels and the terrifyingly talented folks who will be exhibiting. I'll be there myself, sharing a table with the super skilled double whammy of Vera Brosgol & Jen Wang, selling prints, buttons, a postcard set of selected Draw This Dress posts, and my first attempt at a mini comic! (This is my first time exhibiting at a comic festival too, so fingers crossed on not being too nervous to say hullo to any folks who happen by).

The above image is related to the mini I'm working on (and will be getting back to cutting & folding as soon as I post this), called That Night in June. It's actually a larger story told in six smaller parts (which can be read in any order), and consists of seven small minis that each relate to a member of a single family. I really want to thank Kate for helping me put tons of wee booklets together, because she is some sort of stapling prodigy and what's more has had the patience of a saint when it comes to dealing with a very stressed out me. So Kate's great, everyone -- I can never say it enough!

I'll be sitting at Table 109, which... should be pretty easy to spot, I'm thinkin':

WHAT ELSE. I believe that's it for now! Again, I definitely encourage everyone to check out the TCAF guests -- I'm beyond flattered to be exhibiting with all these fine folks, and the programming looks great. I'll update with more as it occurs to me!

ALSO: I'm going away for two weeks starting tomorrow, and likely won't have reliable internet access throughout all that time -- that, and I'll just be out doin' stuff! So if you're trying to get in touch with me, please be patient!