Monday, June 27, 2011

The Prince & The Sea

New comic (or storybook story, if you prefer) up today -- partly based on a dream I had, and inspired by Henry J Ford's illustrations from the Green/Blue/Yellow/etc,etc Fairy books edited by Andrew Lang.

Hope you enjoy! It's a horror/romance/black comedy (I daresay?), so heads up for some general unpleasantness.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Another fan art round-up:

Just a few things of fan art from here and there -- above was inspired by Becky Cloonan's amazing comic Wolves, which I received at TCAF and have been thinking about ever since. In addition to absolutely incredible art (Becky's inking kills me, it kills me), it has a story that really lingers with you. So well done! THE REST OF THIS: is video game fan art, of course. There's the Courier & Rex from Fallout: New Vegas, Beatrix from the same (in her work clothes), Elena Fisher from a moment in Uncharted 3, Elizabeth from a moment in Bioshock Infinite, and Tali from Mass Effect.

I also wanted to mention that Vol 1 of Josh Tierney's Spera comic will be being released by Archaia this September! I'll have 20 pages in the book (the illustration duties are being shared with some really fantastic artists, holy cats), and I'm really looking forward to seeing it all come together (and not just because I really like drawing Pira's funny little jacket).

ALSO: it's Sam Bosma's birthday! Happy birthday, Sam! If you're not familiar with his work, be prepared to love it right now (especially if you like ASOIAF related art, because ye gads, he's terrific with those characters).