Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Creepy #9 and also hooves, lizards, schoolgirls, etc.

Just a tiny post to give a heads up -- for those so inclined -- that I have a short story in Creepy #9 by Dark Horse, out today (there's a preview of two of the book's stories, including mine, over here). It's called "The Red Knife", and is one of the only comics I've done in black and white thus far (though doing it definitely made me want to try that out more). Hope you like it if you get a chance to read it!

Speaking of black and white comics, Girl Apocalypse by Angie Wang is really really good. You can read it online and/or buy the lovely physical copy at her site. It's a zombie apocalypse fashion horror story, and I adore Angie's art.

...and a couple things I've drawn lately -- above is some fan art for Jillian Tamaki's comic SuperMutant Magic Academy, which is also great, and below we have some assorted NSFW images of some assorted ladies of assorted species (actually, the first one is a self portrait of me and my cat and is very safe for work I assure you).


  1. I must say I totally love your art, I'm such a huge fan that anytime I can recommend your work, I do. Your uploads make my day and today seeing your fanart of SuperMutant Magic Academy I couldn't get happier! And your work using only black and white it's very beautiful (so elegant..) but I must say I have a weakness for your color palettes <3

    Keep the awesome job :D As always, I look forward to see your next upload!

  2. couldn't agree more with jonz - more nsfw PLEASE! those where AWESOME. YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME. ://O' (also LOVE that self portriat of you and your cat - most wonderful!)

  3. Wow, I just "stumbled" across your site! You are incredible and so talented!!! Will be checking in from now on :-)

  4. Emily, will you upload the short story later? I love your work, but I am brazilian, and here it'll be quite hard to get that comic. And I really want to read it haha.