Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Yawhg Revisited

The Yawhg is a game I made last year with Damian Sommer, as part of the Comics Vs Games jam that was going on during TCAF. I spoke about it back then and I think showed some artwork from it, harbouring some vague plans of eventually posting more -- and then of course forgot to entirely. I wanted to rectify that now and show some screens and artwork from the game (just as a note, there's no place/no plans to play this online at present).

This was a four person game that consisted of six turns, each one representing a week in the game world. Each turn a player could choose a location on the map, then choose from one of two options of what to spend that week doing. Damian is amazing and did so much writing for this, including random events tailored to each location (which I do enjoy a whole lot). Below is a sampling of world maps, events, locations, endings, etc! click to enlarge, as ever.



  1. Ahh these are so wonderful! I'm an enormous fan of your work, Emily; just wanted to say hello for once in all my time hovering awkwardly. Your colors and silhouettes are absolutely charming.

  2. GUH! I so badly wish I could have played this, but looking at the art will suffice just fine, since it's gorgeous! This sounds like a really fun project to work on.

  3. I really love your art Emily I've been following you for sometime before my high school graduation. The colors and the morbidness of it all has peeked beyond my strange curiosity for the macarabe that I can't help but to linger on pictures that you make. I hope that I will be able to one day be great like you!