Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Three Snake Leaves

 The above is a link to my comic adaptation of The Three Snake Leaves, one of my favourite fairy tales. This was made over the last couple of weeks while I was running a comics assignment at Emily Carr University (I figured since I was having all these students make some web comics, I should probably do one too). It ended up being a sort of vacation from my regular comics work, a short project to clear my head and get back into the swing of working loose and intuitively. I tried some things that I hadn't tried before, but would like to experiment with more in the future (don't want to give anything away), so I hope you enjoy it.

ADDITIONALLY: I'm going to be at EMERALD CITY COMIC CON in Seattle this weekend! As in, tomorrow through Sunday. I'll be wandering around here and there, but my home base will be the Benign Kingdom table (check out that link for map & signing info if you're so inclined). I'll have copies of my new art book to sell, and will be happy to do some little drawings and say hello if you'd like to stop by. :)